Kata Yant Ha Taew

Five Pillars Yant is currently one of the most populay sak yant tattoos of the moment; Since the actress Angelina Jolie received hers, throngs of women have received this yant of the “Metta Mahaniyom” variety.

Due to many times having been asked for the kata to this sak yant desing, here it is.

Na Moe Put Taa Ya Na Mae Dti

Moe Put Taa Ya Na Na Mae Dti

Put Taa Ya Na Moe Na Mae Dti

Taa Ya Na Moe Put Na Ma Dti

Ya Na Moe Put Taa Na Mae Dti

Here is another Kata from the Ajarn Lao and Ajarn Noo Versions

Ya Mi I Sa Put Toe Yaa
I Dti Bi Soe Ja Dtae Na Moe
I dti Poe Ti Ma Nup Pa Dtoe
I Dt Sap Pan Yu Maa ka Dtoe
I Dti Bpaa Ra Mid Taa Dting Saa

You can see the design for this in Khom on the Yantpedia galleries


~ by Ajarn Spencer on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “Kata Yant Ha Taew”

  1. could some one help me translate the kata inside the boxes of the Yant Prajao 16 Pra Ongk: NA PUT TANG A SU NA A
    MA HI SU THANG SU. Either in pali or in english. The picture is available from:
    Thank you.

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